Campellone Lab - Summer 2022

Research in the Campellone Lab

Cytoskeletal control of membrane remodeling in health, aging, and disease

Our research goals are to determine (1) how actin and microtubules control the organization, shape, and movement of membrane-bound organelles and (2) how cytoskeleton-driven membrane remodeling is altered in the pathogenesis of infectious diseases, genetic disorders, and aging. We use a combination of bioinformatic, genetic, biochemical, cellular, and organismal approaches to study these processes.

Contact the Campellone Lab

Phone: (860) 486-2497
Address: University of Connecticut
Dept of Molecular & Cell Biology
Institute for Systems Genomics
Engineering Science Building
181 Auditorium Rd – Rm 216
Storrs, CT 06269-3197

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