Lab Alumni

Lyle King (PhD, 2022)

Current:  Associate (Cure Ventures, Boston MA)

Virginia’s Project (described by her Dad):  “You’re…um…first thing that comes to mind is biology?”

Virginia’s Project (described by her Mom):  “You study the genetic makeup of certain proteins like p53 to analyze cell death and see what occurs during the cell death of apoptosis and JAM which is activated when the cells start to die to benefit medical research.”



Shail Kabrawala (PhD, 2019)

Current:  Scientist (Siemens Healthineers, NY)



Katrina Velle (PhD, 2018)

Current:  Postdoc (UMass; Fritz-Laylin Lab)



Isabel Nip (BS, 2017;  MS, 2018)

MD (UConn Health), Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Resident (UConn Health)



Former Undergrads


Alyssa Rubalcava aka “Alyssa #4” (2022, Visiting Student, Whittier College)


Darah Deroly (2022) – Medical Scribe (CT)


Shirley Guo (2022) – PhD Student (Penn State)


Naydu Nunno (2022)


Mirghani Mohamed (2021) – Research Fellow (USDA)


Elena Haarer aka “The Delusional Patriots/Brady Hater” (2020) – Research Associate (Dana Farber Cancer Institute),  MD/PhD Student (Duke University)


Kelsey Hebert aka “Crazy Cat Lady” (2020) – Dental Student (Harvard University)


Young KanikaKanika M

Kanika Malani aka “Mouth Breather” (2020) – Medical Student (Brown University)


Jessica Lohret aka “J-Lo” (2019) – Medical Student (Quinnipiac University)


Anya Brych (BS, 2018) – Medical Student (UConn Health)

Alyssa Coulter aka “Rowdy” (BS, 2018) – Research Technician, PhD Student (UConn)

Alyssa Mathiowetz (BS, 2018) – PhD Student (UC Berkeley)

Nathan Jenkins (BS, 2017) – Medical Student (UConn Health), Psych Resident (UCSF)

Nathan Leclair (BS, 2016) – MD/PhD Student (UConn Health, JAX Genomic Medicine; Anczukow Lab)


Margaret Zimmer (BS, 2016) – Research Associate (Dana Farber and Broad Institutes); MS (Harvard) 2022; Assistant (Boston Red Sox)


Henry Chen (BS, 2016) – Dental Student (UConn Health) – DMD 2020;  Resident, UCSF

Jennifer Thomas (PSM, 2016) – Research Assistant (Transgenomic, Inc.);  Tumor Profiling Lab (Yale New Haven Hospital)

Ashley Russo (BS, 2014) – PhD Student (UConn Health; Rathinam Lab) – PhD 2021;  Scientist (Elevate Bio, Waltham MA)

Steven Hong (BS, 2014) – Medical Student (University of Rochester) – MD 2018;  Internal Medicine Resident (Beth Israel, Boston)

Sarah Grout (BS, 2013) – Technician (UConn);  Medical Student (UConn Health) – MD 2018;  Surgical Resident (Indiana University, Indianapolis);  Pediatric Emergency Physician (Louisville KY)

Christine McCann (PSM, 2013) – Research Technician (UConn)

Jessica Fall (BS, 2012) – Research Technician (University of Pittsburgh);  Physician Assistant


Pre-Twitter Lab News
March 2015:  Nate and Isabel received SURF Fellowships.
February 2015:  Henry received a UConn IDEA grant.
November 2014:  Isabel was nominated for a Goldwater Scholarship.
October 2014:  Margaret received a Life Sciences Honors Thesis Award.
June 2014:  Isabel was named a 2014 Holster Scholar.
May 2014:  Congratulations to the Campellone Lab for successfully cloning a research technician!
April 2014:  Ashley was awarded the 2014 Poster Session MVP medal.
February 2014:  Congratulations to Ashley for being accepted into graduate school!
November 2013:  Congratulations to Sarah and Steven for being accepted into medical school!
October 2013:  Ashley received a Life Science Honors Thesis Award.
June 2013:  Ashley and Steven received Ocean Rain Family Foundation Fund SURF Fellowships.
May 2013:  Sarah gave a talk at the Undergraduate Research Colloquium in Biology.
April 2013:  Sarah presented her work at the Frontiers in Undergraduate Research poster session.
March 2013:  Research in the Campellone lab was highlighted in MCB Notes.
October 2012:   Research in the Campellone and Wang labs was highlighted in JCB.
August 2012:   Sarah was featured in an article in UConn Today and CLAS Today.
July 2012:  Research in the Campellone Lab was featured in UConn Today and CLAS Today.
June 2012:  Sarah received a CLAS Dean’s Award Summer Undergraduate Research Fund Fellowship.